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Updated Sun, 2014-01-12 09:08

Everest Poker Give 25% Money Back when you Play Holdem

Everest Poker Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
$1000 bonus

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US Accepted

Everest Poker is offering its members an opportunity that is unparalleled at other on line poker sites; 25% money back on all cash play at the site!

There are promotions and then there are PROMOTIONS; Everest Poker right now is offering one of the latter. The on line poker site is giving its members the opportunity to earn money back on all real money tables played. The concept isn’t a new one, and it can be seen in many other on line poker sites. However where Everest Poker stands apart is in the amount of cash back being offered, and the duration of the promotion.

The Money Back promotion is running for a total of 3 months, continuing from now until the end of March. The amount of cash back being promised is a whopping 25%. Best of all, this isn’t at the expense of other promotions or rewards and in fact can be used in conjunction with them enabling you to earn up to 75% back on your spending.

When you play holdem at Everest Poker during the promotional period you will be awarded money back according to the amount of rake or tournament fees you spend. So, for every $4 spent in rake or tournament fees when you play holdem or anything else for real money, you will get $1 cash back.  In order to take part in the promotion, you simply need t opt in by going to the 25% Money Back no-play tournament in the poker lobby, and then just play as much as you can to earn the most cash back.

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