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Updated Thu, 2008-07-17 12:30

Prove your worth in Everest’s Heads-up challenge

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If you know you're a good poker player but end up continuously short-changed because of schooling, here’s your chance to prove it to yourself once and for all that being a victim of the circumstances doesn’t define your play.

The top tournament players get the chance to play in Everest Poker's Heads-Up challenge every Tuesday, from Aug 5th to September the 2nd, where they’ll only have one opponent to focus on. Qualifying for the Heads-Up Challenge is simple. There are three tournament leaderboards featured at Everest. One of them is the high SNG, one is the low SNG and third one is the MTT leaderboard. Finish in the top 32 positions of any of these leaderboards, and you'll be invited to participate in the Heads-Up challenge for free. Qualifiers from each of these leaderboards will play in separate brackets (high SNG players in the High SNG Bracket and so on). Prize-pools and individual prizes will be different in each of the three brackets.

The whole Heads-Up Challenge will take place in 5 rounds of play over 5 weeks. On August the 5th, the first round will commence. Those who manage to defeat their opponents in Round 1, advance to Round 2 which takes place on August 12th. Likewise, Round 3 will go down on August 19th, Round 4 on August the 26th, and the last round, that of the Championship matches on September 2nd.

Round winners will advance, but they’ll also be awarded cash prizes for each win. In the Low SNG bracket for instance, round 1 winners get $30, round 2 winners $60, round 3 winners $125, round 4 ones $350 and the champion: $500.

In the high SNG bracket as well as in the MTT bracket, prizes for round victories will be much bigger. The High SNG champion gets $2,000 and the MTT champion is awarded $1,500.

Players will be able to locate these tourneys in the “Scheduled Tournaments” section, under the "Special" tab.

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