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Updated Mon, 2008-05-12 04:28

Everest Poker - Qualify to the WSOP

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Offering satellites to big live events has become common practice for online poker rooms in the last few years, so much so, that a huge chunk of WSOP Main Event and other prestigious live event participants come via online qualifiers these days.
The idea behind poker satellites is simple: for a $100 buy-in event, organize a heads-up confrontation between two guys, each of them paying out $50+$3, and you’ll be able to give one guy a seat in the $100 event, and keep a little something for yourself too.

This is the principle by which online poker satellites, sub-satellites and qualifiers work.
The scheme can be repeated for every qualification stage (for the $50+$3 heads up game you can also organize 2 $25+$1 sub-satellites), thus it is nowadays theoretically possible for someone to qualify for the WSOP $10,000 Main Event for as little as a few dollars.

This is exactly what Everest Poker has implemented (and pretty much every other online poker site, even the small ones). There are differences between the WSOP offers of different online poker sites though, in the sense that bigger sites offer more seats and other perks like possible rewards if their players make it deep into the money.
Everest poker has signed a major deal with Harrah’s Entertainment (the company behind the WSOP) that allows them to offer online satellites and sub-satellites not only for the Big Dance (main event) but for a bunch of other, smaller buy-in WSOP events as well, that still offer players a possibility to win a golden bracelet.
In addition to that, the Everest Poker brand will be featured on all the felts of the WSOP tables, as well as on the inner rung of the feature table.

The large variety of WSOP packages offered by Everest Poker doesn’t only mean that players of different skill levels and financial means will be able to get a fair shot at a coveted seat, it also means there will be several possibilities for qualification.
There are three types of packages on offer at Everest: the $13,000 Main Event package, which includes the $10,000 buy-in plus $3,000 in spending money (Everest says it’s for travel expenses). This is the most valuable of the packages, and there are qualifiers running for it, every week, on Monday. It is possible to buy into one of these satellites directly, for only $500+$30, and there is one package given away each week (that means the winner takes all). Sub satellites for this qualifier run daily, and you can enter one of them for either $33+$3, or $100+$9.

The $7,500 package is also up for grabs once every week, on Wednesdays. This package includes a buy-in to a $5,000 WSOP event, plus $2,500 for travel. The player can choose either two $2,500 events, or a $5,000 one. Three $1,500 events can also be chosen. This package is indeed an excellent ticket into the world of WSOP, and as far as the odds for winning a golden bracelet go, it’s probably even better than the Main Event entry. Direct entry to a satellite featuring such a package as the first prize is $200+$15, but sub-satellites run for it daily too, for as little as $5+$0.5, or $22+$2.
The $3,500 WSOP package becomes available every Friday, through a satellite featuring a buy-in of $100+$9, and it includes the buy-in for a $1,500 event and $2,000 travel money.

If you only want to play in the WSOP for the bragging rights, or you want a shot at a bracelet without sacrificing all you poker money, this package is for you.

Sub-satellites for the Friday qualifier run as cheap as $3+$0.3, or $11+$1.

In addition to the above mentioned WSOP seats, Everest Poker offers a special 20-seat qualifier, running on June 8th, with a buy-in of $1,000+$50.

The Ladies Championship 5-seat Guarantee will offer 5 of Everest’s female players the possibility to earn a seat in the Ladies World Championship.

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