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Updated Mon, 2016-02-29 09:05

Introducing PartyPoker's $5 Million POWERFEST

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PartyPoker's Pokerfest was indeed one of the most popular online poker tournament series out there, but it now looks like its time may be up. Its new and improved version has been re-christened POWERFEST and it is looking to be bigger, meaner and way better than ever before.
POWERFEST runs over four weeks and it features some 98 opportunities for players to grab massive prizes, in the shape of 98 poker tournaments which between them hand out some $5 million in guaranteed prizes. Obviously, given the popularity of the Series and the hype that's been raised already, it is more than safe to assume the majority of the events will in fact leave their respective guarantees in the dust.
The interesting thing about the POWERFEST is that's it's broken up into four separate weeks, each of which represents a promotional tier of sorts. Every week, the stakes and the prizes increase radically. Thus, week 1, which kicked off on February 21 and wrapped up on February 28, featured buy-ins in the $5.5-$11 range and it came with a Main Event of its own, which offered a $50k guarantee at a cost of $11. Called the Featherweight, that week is in the books now, but we're looking forward to the Middleweight, which kicked off yesterday, and which features buy-ins of $22-$55.
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The Main Event of the Middleweight is a $55 tournament, which comes with a guarantee of $100k. This stage of the POWERFEST wraps up on March 6, giving way to the Heavyweight, which gets going on the same day. The buy-ins featured by the Heavyweight tip the scale at $109-$215, and the guarantee of the Main Event is set to $500k. The buy-in to the Main Event is $215.
The last stage of the POWERFEST is the High Roller, which kicks off on March 13. The sky is the limit to the buy-ins in this one: they range from a "reasonable" $530 to $5.2k and they feed equally monstrous guarantees. The Main Event costs $1,050 and it features a $500k guarantee, just like the Main Event of the Heavyweight, although it is safe to say that the individual odds for players are much better in this one.
In addition to all the above, players will be able to complete a special POWERFEST Mission too, to get even more out of the promotion.
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