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Updated Mon, 2016-04-04 05:48

Play in PartyPoker's SNG Hero Tournaments

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PartyPoker's SNG Hero tournaments are the site's own take on Lottery Style Sit'n Go games which have gained quite a popularity over the last year or so. Indeed, from here on out, partypoker players will be able to take part in 4-handed SNGs awarding potentially unrealistic prizes too. According to PartyPoker's Tom Waters, the SNG Hero events are meant to give the site's players a unique opportunity to play for massive prize-pools, twisting the now ubiquitous game-format into something quite outstanding indeed. The maximum prize-pool SNG Hero players will be able to play for is a staggering $170k. There's quite a bit of diversity involved in the SNG Hero format too: there are no fewer than five buy-in levels; $1, $3, $5 and $10, and the maximum prize-pool (which is determined randomly before the start of each SNG) is 10,000x the buy-in.
So what exactly makes the SNG Heros different from other jackpot SNGs? In addition to the randomly determined prize-pools, there's a bounty element involved in them too, which builds upon the popularity of the Bounty genre at the site.
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Just as the prize-pool is determined through a random draw, the size of the bounty is set randomly as well, adding another, equally appealing dimension to the new game-format. The maximum size of the bounty can be as big as $50k. The actual prize-pool distribution isn't forgiving though: in the SNG Heroes, the winner takes pretty much all. 75% of the prize-pool will end up in the possession of the winner, while 25% goes towards the bounty, so if someone manages to take down the bounty and then to go on to win the tournament, he/she will end up with 100% of the prize-pool.
When the prize-pool multiplier hits above 50 times the buy-in, the prize-distribution changes: in such cases, the second- and the third-place finishers walk away with some money too, so there's only one true loser. When the multiplier strays into the 10k times territory, all those at the table earn a reward: the runner-up, the third-place finisher and the fourth-place finisher all get 15% of the prize-pool.
With the current setup, the odds of the big jackpot hitting are 8 in 1 million. The odds for the 1,000x multiplier are 72 in 1 million.
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