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Updated Mon, 2014-04-07 10:55

Play Zone Poker at Bodog!

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Fast folding poker has garnered a lot of popularity lately, as online poker room after online poker room added some sort of a variant of the genre to its game selection. Bodog Poker’s version of fast folding poker is known as Zone Poker and it is indeed a breath of fresh air at the site.
Zone Poker players will no longer be compelled to spend any time at the tables simply taking in how others play. They will be always at the center of the action, because when they get a starting hand they do not want to play, they will simply hit that fast-fold button and they’ll be taken to another table instantly, where they’re immediately dealt into another hand.
Sign up to Bodog Poker right now if you do not already have an account there, and give their Zone Poker tables a go!

What exactly are the advantages of Zone Poker though? First of all, downtimes are eliminated, which results in much faster-paced action, which in turn allows players who can carve themselves an edge to radically increase the number of hands player per hour and thus their hourly rates as well.
Everyone knows that the points system used by Bodog is one of the best in online poker…Zone Poker now allows players to rack up more points per hour too. Poker points work the same way at the Zone tables as at the regular cash tables.

It may not be entirely clear to everyone how/when Zone Poker games begin. The game kicks off as soon as the table fills up. Essentially, one will be seated at a table, and as the other players file in, the action eventually commences.
The blinds are assigned differently at the Zone tables: the algorithm takes care of it, and the players most likely to find themselves in the BB are those who have gone the most hands without having paid compulsory bets.

The speed of the Zone Poker tables is protected by the much less generous countdown timer as well: players have only 15 seconds to act, which is half as long as they have at a traditional table. Although the games available in Zone Poker format are the same old ones everyone knows, the new, speedier format does add freshness to the action and it does offer a unique experience.
Open a Bodog Poker account now, pick up your sign-up bonus and hit the Zone Poker tables. You will absolutely enjoy the faster pace and the quicker bonus redemption.

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