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Omaha Game Rules and Strategy

A community card poker variant just like Holdem, Omaha Hi shares a whole bunch of similarities with its more popular relative.
It is played with blinds instead of antes, it has a flop, a turn and a river and a hand ranking similar to Holdem. The only difference lies in the number of hole-cards dealt to the players, which is 2 in Holdem and 4 in Omaha Hi.

An Omaha hand begins with the posting of the blinds. Once the BB and the SB have been posted, the dealer gives each of the players 4 cards. An initial betting round follows the deal when players can call, fold or raise.

Those who survive the first betting round, will see the dealer burn a card and deal 3 community cards onto the table. The flop is followed by a second betting round. Based on the Omaha hand that they make on the flop, players will bet, call, fold or raise. This is where it gets a tad tricky. Unlike in Holdem, in Omaha there’s a strict rule concerning how many cards the player must use from his pocket and from the board in order to make his hand. In Omaha, players will ALWAYS have to use exactly 2 cards from the four they got on the deal, and exactly 3 cards off the board.

This sounds like a simple-enough rule but make sure you pay keen attention to it. Beginners make countless mistakes on account of the fact that they fail to take this rule into consideration.

The second betting round is followed by another community card, the turn, which is followed by betting again. The last community card is called the river and it too is followed by a betting round. The showdown awards the pot to the player with the best conventional poker hand.

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