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Updated Mon, 2015-11-30 12:52

The Gladiator is Back at PartyPoker

Party Poker Promotion

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For December 2015, PartyPoker's Gladiator promotion is back, giving players the chance to take down a cash prize as large as $4k. As always, this promotion is about stamina and about staying active. Here's what players need to do to take part in it. The first step is to opt into the Gladiator manually. Then, all one needs to do is to show up every day and earn as many poker points on various games as possible. The more points one earns, the more promotional money he/she will rack up. The last step is to log in on January 1, 2016, and to collect the rewards.
It is important to note that one shall only be able to opt into the promotion through the desktop client. Once registered for the promotion, players can continue playing through the mobile client and the action they log will of course count towards the promotional goals.
Sign up to PartyPoker right now and take part in their Gladiator promotion. Play and grab your share of the promotional prize-pool.

How exactly is all that sweet prize-money distributed though? Players who earn one poker point for 5 days gain access to a $250 freeroll. Those who keep up the same level of production over a 10-day period, get to play in a $500 freroll. The best thing such one-point-per-day players can aim for is a 30-day period over which they keep up the production, a performance which grants them access to a $2.5k freeroll.
Obviously, those who produce more are welcome to take part in the promotion too. For instance, someone who can crank out 10 poker points for 15 days, gets to play in a $3.5k freeroll. Anything above this mark an we're talking cash rewards. Players who generate 10 poker points for 20 days get a $10 reward. The most money one can earn by taking advantage of this promotion is a more-than-handsome $4k, but for that, one has to generate no less than 1.2k poker points every day, for a 30-day period.
Perhaps the most interesting thing in regards to the promotional terms is that the days mentioned above do not even have to be consecutive ones: it's enough if they're days during which the goals have been fulfilled. If for instance, one generates 10 poker points for 10 days, takes a break and then generates 10 poker points for 10 more days, he/she will receive the $10 cash reward for the 20 days.
Sign up to PartyPoker now and hit the tables right away! Generate poker points and play in the freerolls/pick up the cash prizes!

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