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Updated Mon, 2015-10-12 06:46

Boost Your Bankroll with Full Tilt's Fiesta Freerolls

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Full Tilt Poker
The biggest party of the season kicked off at Full Tilt Poker on September 28 and it is set to keep going till October 18, which means there is still plenty of time for players to cash in on the goodies offered by this "party". Indeed, few ways are better than freerolls when it comes to boosting one's bankroll: there are no risks involved and the rewards are potentially massive. That has never been truer than in the case of Full Tilt's Fiesta Freerolls, which is made up of three parts and which covers every essential nook and cranny of the site's tournament selection.
The Fiesta Jackpot SNGs represent the first third of the promotion. This is basically about taking part in the same Jackpot SNGs one would normally play in, although this time free of charge. In order to gain a free entry into one of the Fiesta Jackpot SNGs, players have to generate 10 Full Tilt Points during the previous day. So if you accrue 10 such points today, tomorrow you'll be able to play in a Fiesta Jackpot SNG free. Those who are in the Players Club can also keep an eye on their Full Tilt Points, through the FTP Odometer.
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The Fiesta Satellite Freerolls give players the chance to play their way into some of the most prestigious live and online poker events for free. All one has to do to earn the right to play in one of these satellites is to generate a fraction of a Full Tilt Point during a 24-hour period. On October 17, there are three such freerolls running, while on October 18 - the last promotional day - there are no fewer than 5 such opportunities.
The Fiesta Freebuys wrap up the promotional offer. The Freebuys come with extremely simple terms and conditions: these are freerolls which run every single day during the promotional period, starting at 15:00 ET. Players who bust out but want to continue on in the tournament can do so for a $0.50 buy-in. The prize-pools offered by these events are nothing to sneeze at either: at $2k, they're quite special indeed, considering that no buy-ins are required.
Everything considered, the Fiesta Freeroll does indeed offer quite a number of opportunities to rack up some free money.
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