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Updated Sun, 2008-11-16 06:53

Full Tilt Poker’s Shootout tournaments

Full Tilt Poker

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If you’re getting bored of the standard format MTTs, and you’re a little bit of a STT expert, I’m sure you’ll find Full Tilt Poker’s Shootout Tournaments a blast. Here’s a rundown of what a Shootout Tournament looks like.

Instead of the tables being automatically balanced as opposition is eliminated, The Shootout MTTs will have each table run down to the last man standing. That guy will advance to play at another table, which will run by the same rules. The man who remains standing at the end of the tournament is declared the winner.

There are several types of shootout tourneys, depending on the number of participants. If you’re lucky enough to play in a Double Shootout one, you’ll only need to win your starting table in order to advance to the final table. Let’s consider that there are 81 participants, which means that there will be 9 starting table winners. Those 9 guys go on directly to the final table. It doesn’t matter if there are fewer players. Tables will be balanced as much as possible, and this way the starting tables may end up featuring different numbers of players.

In Triple Shootout tournaments players have to win 2 tables in order to reach the final table.
In Heads-up shootout tourneys, where players will play against a single opponent at each table, they may be forced to win several tables before reaching the final.

In the case of Heads-up Shootouts, the registered player base may be clipped (players may be unregistered) in order to fit the tournament structure.

The position you finish on is determined by the position in which you’re eliminated at your own starting table. If you finish second, you’ll be considered to have finished in 10th spot (one off the final table) together with all the other guys who finish in 2nd at the other tables. This way, you’ll end up somewhere between 10th and 18th (in a 81 player Shootout tourney) depending on your in-play performance.