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Updated Sun, 2008-11-16 06:49

Full Tilt Poker’s Matrix SNGs

Full Tilt Poker

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Full Tilt Poker
Getting tired of being pushed out of STTs time and time again by bad beats? Do you sometimes get the overall feeling that the software rewards bold and mindless calls rather than skill? If you want a SNG tournament which rewards skill above everything else, and which virtually stomps out the luck-factor, Full Tilt Poker’s 9-person Matrix SNGs are for you.

When you register for such a Matrix SNG, you’ll play the same 9 players at four separate tables. Each one of the four tables plays like a regular standalone SNG. The first 3 finishers earn money rewards, the other guys go home empty handed. When the last one of the 4 Matrix SNGs concludes, general performance shall be weighed also and the best performing players shall earn special rewards from the Matrix prize pool.

ftp-matrix-table.jpgThe overall prize-pool shall be divided so that money is allotted to all 4 tables as well as for the overall winners.
In a $10+$1 buy-in Matrix SNG for instance, the resulting $90 total prize pool shall include 4 $18 prize-pools for the 4 tables and an $18 prize-pool for overall performance (called Matrix prize-pool). This way, on each of the 4 tables, three players shall be rewarded with $9 for first place, $5.40 for second place and $3.60 for third place.

The Matrix prize-pool will also reward the best overall performer with $9, the second best guy with $5.40 and the third player with $3.60.

The most money one can make in such a Matrix SNG will be 4x$9 plus the entire Matrix prize-pool, which is $18, leading to a grand total of $54. I forgot to mention a slight detail: if you win all 4 tables you’re playing at, you become the Dominatrix, which gives you the right to scoop the entire Matrix prize-pool, leaving all the other guys in the dirt.

Sign up to Full Tilt Poker now, and play in this ultimate measure of skill and poker prowess.