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Updated Tue, 2008-03-25 13:45

WSOP packages - King of the Main Event

Full Tilt Poker Promotion

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100% up to $600

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US Accepted
Full Tilt Poker
Full Tilt’s King of the Main Event promotion is the pinnacle of value offered to any poker player (live or online) anywhere on the internet or in real life. By playing in WSOP qualifiers offered by the site, players often succeed in securing more than just one WSOP Main Event package. While they’ll only need one such package to go to the Big Dance, they’ll not lose any value on the other packages they win either.

If they manage to win two packages, they get the regular treatment plus $12,000 (the cash value of the other package). If someone wins several packages, he/she will get paid $12K for each and every package won. Furthermore: there’s a race going on. He who wins the most WSOP packages during the period that qualifiers run, will be crowned King of the Main Event.

Being the King means that you’ll get round-trip airfare, limo transportation, a hotel suite at your disposal for the duration of the Main Event, a crown for your Full Tilt Poker avatar and you will – of course – still take part in the 10 million dollar promo involving the Main Event.

If you win more than 7 WSOP packages (which means you’ll surpass player Rac00n who now rules supreme with 7 packages won) you’ll take down a special $25,000 bounty.

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