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Updated Sun, 2008-11-16 07:00

Full Tilt Poker’s KO Bounty tournaments

Full Tilt Poker

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Full Tilt Poker
Fancy making money in a MTT without ever reaching the money positions? Full Tilt Poker’s Knockout Bounty Tournaments will allow you just that. Now you can walk away with serious money (compared to your buy-in that is), without ever coming anywhere near a paying position.

In a Knockout Bounty tournament, you’ll be paid for every player you manage to personally bust out. All you have to do is seek out tournaments marked with a “K” in the Full Tilt lobby and register. During play, every elimination you’re directly responsible for will be confirmed through a pop-up message, and the eliminated player’s bounty will land in your real money account immediately.
It’s not just the in-house pros or special players who carry such bounties, all players have them on their heads.

Bounty tournaments cost extra in buy-ins because every player has to post his own bounty. Take a $10+$1 tournament. $8 of your buy-in goes to the MTT prize-pool and $2 is your bounty (the money that will be paid out to the player who knocks you out).
In conclusion, a Knockout Bounty tourney will cost more to enter, but it will also provide many more ways for you to make money and to recover your buy-in.

Knocking opponents out is by no means the only way you can generate revenue in such tournaments. Besides the extra bounty feature, the tournament goes down the same way a regular MTT does. There will be a prize-pool, and there will by paying positions, so if you make it all the way to the money, you’ll net your regular MTT winnings plus all the bounties of the players you’ve managed to knock out.

We know you love to knock other players out of MTTs. Here’s your chance to get paid to do something that you like.