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Updated Tue, 2015-10-20 01:18

Bounce Back with Full Tilt's Boomerang in October!

Full Tilt Poker Promotion

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Full Tilt Poker
On Monday, October 19, Full Tilt Poker are launching their Boomerang promotion, which hands out tournament entries, from a pool totaling $3k. The promotion wraps up on October 25, so there are indeed plenty of chances for players to take advantage of the value provided by the Boomerang tournaments. The peculiarity of the Boomerang tournaments is the fact that they allow players to return to action, just like a boomerang returns to its thrower. Players who fail to reach the money in one of these events get the chance to flip for an entry to a similar event which takes place the following day.
How exactly does it all work though? Players who take part in a Boomerang event as said above, who fail to make the money, automatically get an entry to a Flip Freeroll tournament. As far as actual Boomerang tournament selection is concerned, there are plenty of opportunities at Full Tilt Poker: there are no fewer than 10 such tournaments running every day, covering every conceivable buy-in level.
Join Full Tilt Poker right now and play in their Boomerang tournaments for your chance to grab a free entry in case you miss out on the money.

The first of the Boomerang tournaments kicks off at 3:30 and it features a $500 guarantee. From there on out, there's a Boomerang running every step of the way. At 10:00, at 12:00 and so on. Also, at 15:00, there are no fewer than 3 dinosaur-themed Boomerang events running. The tournament with the largest guarantee is the 14:00 one, which features a guaranteed prize-pool of $5k.
From the point of view of the promotion (those finishing outside the money get rewarded with a flip ticket) it makes no difference how they make their way into the Boomerang: they can buy in directly, satellite in or simply flip in.
The Flip Freerolls kick off at the same time the corresponding Boomerang event started at, on the following day. There's no less than $3k handed out in tournament buy-ins by these events. Players have to register manually for the Flip Freerolls, with the ticket provided by the previous day's Boomerang tournament.
The player who wins the Flip Freeroll is entered automatically into the corresponding Boomerang event, during late registration. Players who fail to cash in three Boomerang events in a row automatically earn a ticket to the $5k Boomerang Freeroll.
Sign up to Full Tilt Poker now and take advantage of the value brought to the table by the Boomerang tournaments and their Flip Freerolls.

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