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A few generalities and interesting bits about the EPT

Started in 2004, the EPT didn't stay the WPT's poor little cousin for long. Sure, in the beginning it featured buy-ins and prize-pools about half of what the WPT had to offer, but in a way that very fact could also be pointed to as one of the reasons for its lightning-fast success. European players with less money to spend on poker buy-ins found a prolific environment in which they could compete in WPT-like settings. The series soon became so popular that because of the limited space available in the casinos where its events were held, it needed to increase buy-ins thus deleting the prize-pool difference which set it apart from the WPT. In a set of recent developments, the EPT announced that it would expand its number of stops through the inclusion of an EPT event in Budapest, Hungary. The move,which is quite obviously aimed at the eastern European market,comes to satisfy a growing need for high stakes tournament action in an area where poker's popularity growth is in full swing. To further facilitate players' movements within Europe, the EPT has also created a hotel booking service which will be able to offer better than regular deals on accommodation, because of the package deals it'll strike with the hotel operators. The buy-ins and implicitly, the prize pools of some of the featured events will also be increased, thus adding even more of a high-stakes feel to the whole Tour.

This is what their schedule will look like for season 5. The Tour will kick off in Barcelona, Spain, on September 10th, and will feature a  EUR 8,000 + EUR 250 Main Event. The maximum number of participants is set to 600, so hurry up and secure your seat soon as you can or you may just end up without one.

The second event on the EPT's season 5 calendar is the London stop. This one features a GBP 5,000 + GBP 200 Main Event with the player cap set to 500.

The EPT Budapest which is next on the schedule will feature the smallest buy-in of the season. The EPT is obviously acting on the side of caution here, and probes the market as it tries to make its newest stop as attractive to local players as possible.  The buy-in will be EUR 4,000 + EUR 350 for this one, with a player cap of 500. The Polish Open, which follows the Budapest event, will be the second EPT Season 5 event which will not be televised (the Budapest one won't be either).

EPT Prague, the Caribbean Adventure and EPT Deauville are followed by the Scandinavian Open in Copenhagen,and the German Open in Dortmund. The San Remo event, which takes place in April, leads up to the Monte Carlo Grand Finale, the EUR 10,000 + EUR 600 one, with a player cap of 1,000.

However it turns out, one thing is certain: the EPT's season 5 will be bigger and better than its record-breaking previous season, and it will truly put the Tour on the map of high-profile live international poker events.

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